​I am an amateur photographer.  Photography has always been a hobby of mine that has turned into a lifetime love of mine.  I specialize in lifestyle portrait photography using natural lighting, but my favorite pictures are those candid shots of people that are unaware I am photographing them. 

​I've thought about doing something like this for a couple years now, but have always shied away because I am not a "professional" photographer, but recently the Lord has really put it on my heart to prepare this website and share the beauty of His children.  We were all wonderfully and uniquely made; there is beauty in everyone.  I believe my gift is in making people feel comfortable in front of the camera to bring out not just their external beauty but their inner beauty as well.

I love being able to get an amazing picture that someone loves....that brings me joy and why I love photography.

I look forward to continually learning and growing. 


Theresa Jean Galusha